About teamHODL

What is teamHODL?

Hold On for Dear Life

Is an investing philosophy but more importantly, it’s a way of life. To HODL is to believe with all your heart during the lowest dip, that the next crest of even higher heights is on the horizon.

This belief has led us to create the first Crypto Rap album along with a brand new concept where crowdfunding meets investing in crytpo-assets. By pairing an ICO with our album release, the teamHODL token has been born.
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The Music

Cryptocurrency's Soundtrack

We are proud to present a 6-track ode to the cryptocurrency rabbit hole and the adventures navigating it. From our single "Lambo Land" to "HODL Anthem", memes, acronyms, and economic rules of thumb get brought to life in this album distilled from crypto-concentrate.
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The Token

Crowdfunding + Crypto

During our two week ICO we will issue 140k tokens at .005 ETH each that trigger reward packages after the ICO ends, and also represent 20% of the Total Sales of the HODL project which will be held in a viewable escrow account. This gives a hard cap of 700 ETH raised and a sales goal of 3,500 ETH.

After the ICO the price of the token will correct to the value of current sales (a minimal amount) then will ideally grow to reach and surpass the buy in cost. If at any point one wants to cash out their teamHODL tokens they can use a built in burn function destroying their tokens and receiving the proportional value of sales from the escrow account.



CEO, Artist


President, Artist


CTO, Lead Developer


CDO, Design Lead