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teamHODL - Lambo Land (Music Video)

The single from teamHODL's debut self-titled EP, Lambo Land.


The Music

We are proud to present a 6-track ode to the cryptocurrency rabbit hole and the adventures navigating it. From our single "Lambo Land" to "HODL Anthem", memes, acronyms, and economic rules of thumb get brought to life in this album distilled from crypto-concentrate.

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Crypto Jingles

Custom Promo Songs

teamHODL has produced jingles for various cryptocurrency projects such as NEO, Nezly, Apollo, DeVault, and others. To inquire about having a song made for your project, or anything audio production related, contact us!

teamHODL - NEO Anthem

teamHODL - Apollo


The teamHODL Token

In addition to producing the first Crypto Rap album, teamHODL developed a proof of concept token to incentivize music crowdfunding.

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