teamHODL Token (THODL)

Bringing blockchain to musicians with tokenization.

With our unique token model, distribution participants received teamHODL Tokens, giving them a stake in the ETH profits of the teamHODL EP. In addition, participants received physical teamHODL merchandise such as shirts and mugs.


THODL Tokens


Ethereum based ERC-20


Crypto Rap album

THODL Token Proof of Concept

  • Crypto Rap

    We are proud to present a 6-track ode to the cryptocurrency rabbit hole and the adventures navigating it. From our single "Lambo Land" to "HODL Anthem", memes, acronyms, and economic rules of thumb get brought to life in this album distilled from crypto-concentrate. Our token model is similar to the Kickstarter model, except participants receive an actual stake in the ETH profits of the project in addition to merchandise.

  • Merchandise

    During the token distribution period, participants received physical teamHODL merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs in addition to a digital download of our teamHODL EP. We believe this is a unique feature of our token distribution model, as most all other token distribution models don't offer this.

  • Profit sharing

    Using Ethereum based smart contracts, ETH profits from album streaming and merchandise sales are split and 20% is routed into a publicly viewable escrow, which is tied to the teamHODL tokens. This incentivizes sharing of the teamHODL EP, as teamHODL token holders have a stake in the ETH profits.

  • Escrow

    20% of the Total Sales of the team HODL project are held in a publicly viewable escrow wallet. If at any point one wants to exchange their teamHODL tokens, they can use a built in burn function destroying their tokens and receiving the proportional ETH value of sales from the escrow account.


THODL Token distribution flowchart

This flowchart demonstrates how the teamHODL (THODL) token works.

For the fans, and the artists.

By giving participants an actual stake in ETH profits, fans are incentivized to share the teamHODL EP and push for viral success.

Actual merchandise

A unique feature of the teamHODL token distribution is that participants received actual physical merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs in addition to tokens and the teamHODL EP.

Physical merchandise

During our token distribution period, participants received physical merchandise in addition to the teamHODL EP and THODL tokens. This merchandise can be purchased in our online store. 

teamHODL Store