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teamHODL EP Press Kit

Join teamHODL on a 6-track ode to the cryptocurrency rabbit hole and the adventures navigating it. Hashbrown, a San Francisco based rapper, leads us on a trip through the cryptosphere over certified slaps produced by The Cluff, out of San Jose.

Memes, acronyms, and economic concepts are brought to life in this EP. HODL, originating from bitcointalk and embraced by the crypto community, is an acronym for “Hold On for Dear Life”. It is this ethos that has breathed life into cryptocurrency portfolios worldwide as well as this project.

True to crypto fashion, teamHODL decided to build the model of crowdfunding they want to see in this space; the teamHODL EP ICO and token which will launch Dec 1st. This project combines the best aspects of crowdfunding, crypto investing, and musical production; for more info read our whitepaper!

Watch the music video for our single Lambo Land!

Album Info

Track Listing:
1. Rabbit Hole
2. Buy the Dips
4. HODL Anthem
5. The Flippening
6. Lambo Land

Crypto Rap

Release Date:
December 29, 2017


teamHODL Bio

teamHODL began as a small side project by Hashbrown and The Cluff. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hashbrown and The Cluff have been making waves in the local hip hop scene. Hashbrown co-owns and engineers at Knock Knock Recording Studio, where many artists have recorded projects. The Cluff has been producing hip hop beats since early 2009, and began collaborating with Hashbrown in early 2015.

During the summer of 2017, Hashbrown and The Cluff began creating rap songs about cryptocurrency, and the music was well received in the crypto community. After writing a couple jingles for various cryptocurrencies, Hashbrown and The Cluff decided to dive head first into creating cryptocurrency's first rap album, and teamHODL was born.

Shortly after beginning production of the album, Hashbrown and The Cluff decided to create a cryptocurrency for the album, which allows for crowdfunding and investing simultaneously. To develop the smart contracts, Logan Rado jumped on board as teamHODL's lead developer, and Lestat Tafoyovsky joined the team as lead graphic and web designer. Poised to become the voice of crypto, meet teamHODL.

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teamHODL Press Release

Imagine your favorite independent artist is crowdfunding their next album and for $30 you get a limited edition launch t-shirt, a download of the album, and a portion of that album and its merch sales for life. Now fast forward 5 years; said artist makes it big and not only can you show off your t-shirt and proudly proclaim how long you’ve been a fan, you can actually reap the economic benefits of helping fund the project. Enter teamHODL.

Many industries are facing disruption with the introduction of blockchain technology. One such long-standing industry, notorious for economic inequality, is music. Platforms such as Kickstarter offer fans the opportunity to support artists for early access to merch and various packages, but lack a true economic incentive. Looking to change this model is teamHODL, based out of San Francisco, who have created not only a Crypto Rap EP, but also an ICO platform with profit-sharing from both album and physical merch sales. Launching on December 1st on the ethereum blockchain, ICO participants will receive THODL tokens and reward packages.

teamHODL’s tracks bring to life both the peaks and pitfalls of the highly volatile space through a carefully crafted sonic experience. This trip is all inclusive from introducing fans to the “Rabbit Hole” of blockchain and venting about “FOMO FUD”, to the lead single celebrating making it to “Lambo Land”. (music video on YouTube)

Track 1: Rabbit Hole

Hip Hop / Trap

If you're reading this you likely already know how much of a rabbit hole cryptocurrency can be. Red pill or blue pill?

  • Research
  • Investing
  • Diversifying Portfolios

Track 2: Buy The Dips

Hip Hop / Trap

Only a fool buys high and sells low. But what should you do when a crypto is rocketing to the moon without you? Easy. Wait and buy the dips.

  • Investing Strategy

Track 3: FOMO FUD

Hip Hop / Downtempo

FOMO means "Fear Of Missing Out" and FUD is "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt". This one goes out to all of you who've felt these phenomena first-hand.

  • Crypto Slang
  • HODL

Track 4: HODL Anthem

Hip Hop / Hyphy

The Anthem. 'Nuff Said.

  • HODL

Track 5: The Flippening

Hip Hop / Trap

The Flippening is the inevitability of the price of Ether surpassing Bitcoin (to be believed if you are an Ethhead like us). HODL Eth until then and see you on the other side!

  • HODL
  • Crypto Philosophy