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  • Q: What is teamHODL/ what does it mean?

      teamHODL is the name of our group, as we're among the first hip hop groups to write music about cryptocurrency. HODL itself stands for Hold On For Dear Life which is both an investing strategy and a way of life. To HODL is to believe with all your heart during the lowest dip, that the next crest of even higher heights is on the horizon.

  • Q: How can I profit from teamHODL?

      Participate in our ICO happening soon! Each token will be worth a percentage of album and merchandise sales. Additionally, various reward packages will be distributed at the end of the ICO period based off how many teamHODL tokens each wallet address has.

  • Q: What will the funds be used for?

      Recouping some of the costs of creating the teamHODL ep and ICO which we have funded out of our own pockets, as well as securing a budget for development of our long term vision of a platform for every artist. For more details, check out our whitepaper.

  • Q: What does the album sound like?

      The teamHODL EP draws from the soundscape of trap rap, with content hyperfocused towards the crypto experience and community. For this reason we are calling our album Crypto Rap. For a sneak peek check out the snippet of the music video for our single “Lambo Land”

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